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Translation of e-mail, Transcription of audio-video K7

Translation of emails:

Translation of email express train under 60 mn for a maximum of 150 words in the combination.
  • English-French
  • English-Spanish
  • English-German
  • English- Italain
For the other combinations:translation under 2:00 and tariffing on request

Translation of account

It is a fixed price per word which enables you to translate all types of Microsoft documents without any minimum number of words necessary and without facing the problems of invoicing.

Developed so as to be extremely competitive, the translation account offers you all the following benefits:

  • It can assessed by all of your company staff.
  • It is the assurance of obtaining your translation as soon as possible by becoming a privileged customer.
  • The handling of documents occurs from the moment you send them.
  • The guarantee of returning a document within 4 hours for documents of less than 500 words (except specific language pairs:the delivery time is 12 hours)
  • You have a single project manager appointed for the handling of all your documents.

Fast Word accounts.

Do you often want to know how to state a term or an expression in a text?

TTI Network offers you its Word Express service.
Available for 30 searches at a flat rate, your staff can at all times contact our translation platform to have a word or a term translated up to 15 words.
Guaranteed delivery within 30 minutes from receipt of e-mail.

Benefits:You no longer have a minimum flat rate to pay and your reactivity remains optimal to respond to your international constraints.

Translation of CV

The translators in charge of this assignment were all selected for their knowledge of human resources and to thus avoid making terminological mistakes.More than just a simple translation, we will find the terminology formulas adapted to the target language so as to grab people’s attention as best as possible when reading it.

We offer you two service options:

  • Translation and tailoring your CV for the language pairs French-English/French-German/French-Italian/ French-Spanish.(50 Euros per language pair up to a limit of 250 words maximum
  • For a translation in another language pair:estimate on request
  • If you already have a translated CV, we can make any corrections and tailor your CV in order to show better  your professional experiences for the language pairs:- English/French
  • Conferences - seminars - colloquiums- symposium - congress.
  • Debates - meetings - assemblies - meeting.
  • Film dialogues, TV series, documentaries.
  • TV, Radio programme recordings.
  • Dubbing/ audio subtitling /video cassettes.
  • Video cassettes:DV, VHS (PAL, SECAM, NTSC), DVD, CV video and other standard sizes.
  • Audio cassettes:CD, MINIDISC, standard cassettes, mini-cassettes and other standard sizes.
  • Computer supports:AVI, QUICKTIME, RAW, WAV, MPeg2, MP3 and all standard sizes.



-Spanish/French.(25 Euros for proofreading and corrections)

Transcription of audio and video K7

TEAM TRANSLATION INTERNATIONAL NETWORK does transcription in all languages for:

Main formats accepted:

Revision and proofreading

We place at the disposal of our customers a proofreading and a document correction service including:

  • Grammatical checking.
  • Spelling correction.
  • Improvement of style.
  • Page layout of the document

See rate card for the language pair requested.(See our translation rates)
Specify your projects to obtain a translation estimate 

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