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English - French translation

The English to French or French to English language combination may seem basic at first sight, but when you start paying more attention, it reveals extreme complexity for translators of this pair. What is it that makes the French to English or English to French combination so complicated?
Very simply, because most of us speak some English and believe we can at any moment contest or dispute the translator’s choices. Translating is only done one way, to your mother tongue. Ask a French person who is fluent in English to translate a text into English, and an English person to do the same, and then compare the results. The differences will be obvious.
The choice of vocabulary may be correct, but the structure will systematically remain French for one and English for the other. In order to perfectly translate from French into English, the translator will need to think in English, not in French. That’s why TTI only requires translation services from a network of target language native speakers, with a minimum of 5 years of experience in the field of the project that needs translating. Each translation project is unique and requires therefore the services of a proficient translator in the given field, be it either legal, technical, medical or tourist. We, at TTi Network, give priority to flawless quality services for each project we take on.
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